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Well ness

Well ness

Release the tension and
enjoy the moment.

What a glorious feeling it is to be in our spa

Open daily from 4:00 to 7:00 pm in the winter

Our spa area is a still place for those seeking peace and quiet, a space with a small and nice sauna area where you can feel good and relax. This is where, after full-day of winter activities in the snowy wonderland outside, our guests can wind down, slip into the warmth of the spa, and find relaxation and harmony for body and mind. 

Our masseuse works wonders. 

She quite literally puts all her effort into her work. On our massage table you will be stretched, pulled, mobilized, and have your muscle tension released. The immediate relaxing effects of massages are well-known by now, and letting yourself take advantage of this treatment after a full day of activity out in the winter air is just plain good. It's as simple as that.

Reservations at +43 5582 511

Relax after an active day.

Mondschein Pool

It is not currently clear if we will be able to open our pool for guests this season. That will be determined based on the regulations and recommendations from the appropriate public health authorities. The health and safety of our guests is, without a doubt, the top priority.

Finnish Sauna

Open daily from 4:00 to 7:00 pm in the winter

Sweating, cooling off, relaxing. Those who take saunas regularly find our Finnish sauna particularly good for the heart and circulatory system. The muscles relax, the body's metabolism is is stimulated, and the immune system is strengthened. As is customary with Finnish saunas, the temperature is kept between 70 and 100 degrees celsius and the body feels the heat even more intensely during the Aufguss (pouring of water on the hot stones).

A sauna just for you

Awarded with a prize for design

Hotel Mondschein is open to innovation. In our Chalet, we offer six rooms with integrated saunas, which were recognized with the Vorarlberg design prize, "Intelligent Hotel Room Architecture." The design, "Hot Box," unites sauna, fireplace, and walk-in closet to bring unique comfort to our guests. It can be experienced in the Chalet Double Room Deluxe, Chalet Suite Deluxe, and in the Chalet Penthouse Suite.