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Be Your Own Chef

Be Your Own Chef

Why go out for dinner, when you can have us bring you everything you need to cook a fabulous meal.

Breakfast in the Chalet

Hearty breakfast in the comfort of your own room in summer

Our "pajama breakfast" available in the Chalet will give you a hearty and enjoyable start to your day. We're happy to serve you breakfast right in your room until 10:00 am.

Small Breakfast
€ 15 per person
Coffee or tea, jam, butter, cheese, sausage, milk, and orange juice

Large Breakfast
€ 20 per person
Coffee or tea, jam, butter, cheese, sausage, milk, fruit, vegetables, cake, muesli, yoghurt, and orange juice

So that we can meet all of our guests' needs, we kindly request that you let us know of any allergies or special dietary needs in advance.


+43 5582 511

Breakfast at the Hostel

The most important meal of the day

To live the simple and good life in a wonderful location doesn't mean you have to be cut off from the finer things in life. Let us pamper you. Why go shopping when you can just have us bring you what you need?

Oat milk, gluten-free coffee, matcha tea, homemade bread, butter fresh from a local farm, our very own alpine cheese, ham or salami, creamy whipped yoghurt, sweet Mondschein jams, a hand full of nuts, crispy spelt flakes, fresh fruits - what more do you need? Fair, sustainable, and simply good. That's our breakfast.

€ 18 per person
incl. delivery to the Hostel


  • egg dishes made to order (with eggs from happy chickens)
  • sparkling wine, to make things fizzy


+43 5582 511

Dinner at Home

Be your own chef

You arrive late in the evening, don't want to step outside the door? We have you covered because "home is where the heart is." We understand. A simple pasta dish with tasty pesto or a vegan bolognese, a devilish mousse, and a good wine to go with it. You don't need much more to be happy. The recipe comes  from Walter, who looks after the well-being of all of our Mondschein guests. Our diligent staff bring the ingredients directly to you by. All you have to do is place the order and cook.

€ 14 per person
incl. delivery to the Chalet or the Hostel
and a free Mondschein chef's hat is included


  • Mondschein apron for the chef
  • Discover the perfect wine accompaniment through a QR-Code


+43 5582 511